Imagine having millions of your ideal customers in the one place

For so long, people thought marketing was about trying to persuade people to buy something that they didn’t really want. But really, it’s about finding your ideal customers so that you can share with them products that they’ll love. The right product can solve a problem, improve a life, make someone feel better, and most importantly, put a smile on a face. We drive you millions of impressions from your ideal customers using our Facebook Groups, allowing you to share with them products that they’ll love.




Drive millions of impressions from your ideal customers
We display your brand in front of your ideal customers, driving millions of impressions and raising awareness.


Leverage native content to connect with your ideal customers
Utilise native content and influencer marketing to build trust with your ideal customers.


Drive engagement and interaction with your ideal customers
Capitalise on the existing activity within Facebook Groups to drive engagement with your ideal customers by utilizing ‘Live-Videos’, ‘Q&A Sessions’ and ‘Facebook Events’.


Gather deep data from your ideal customers
Gain an understanding of your ideal customers on a far deeper level by leveraging ‘Facebook Polls’ to gather detailed data based on demonstrated behaviour.


Trendy Rhino are well connected in the social media space and have been very supportive of our content marketing needs. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trendy Rhino to those entrepreneurs and businesses looking to increase their community engagement and raise their business profile
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